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This will go down in history

Updated: May 4, 2021

What strange times we find ourselves in. I hope you are all keeping well, staying safe, and being cared for. I will add a contact at the end of this email, if you need help with anything or know someone who might. Ed Glinert's talk on The Pankhursts. We had rescheduled the meeting for Thursday 28th May. I have now cancelled that date and will reschedule when we know we can meet up again. The same will be for John Wallace on 8th June. However...….. History in the making Display for V E Day commemorations. This was to take place in the Heritage Centre at the west end of St Philip & St James Church. We are now going to embrace technology, and display our photos and memorabilia on our History Group Face Book page. We are inviting you all to share any photos, leaflets, newspaper cuttings, that you have kept ,on this Face book page, and chat about memories that you and your family have, about World War 2 in particular those local to the Alderley and surrounding areas. I know some of you do not have Facebook account, but now might be the time to embrace technology. See below the link to our Facebook page. We will begin to display pictures from this weekend, (1st May) so by Friday May 8th, which is actually the anniversary of VE Day, we should have a good selection, and keep adding the week after. Share this with you friends and family . To get the display off to a flying start, I was given this picture and memory by one of our (well known) members! and will put it on face book in next few days. Alan Garner, who remembers this sports day

"The VE sports day was for children only, if I remember correctly, and it was held on Norbury’s Rec, the field off Chorley Hall Lane. I was given half a crown for winning; which, if known, would have disqualified me from all future athletic events because they were strictly amateur, and by being paid I was technically a professional. So I kept quiet." Alan Garner.

ZOOM 7 weeks ago I ,like a lot of other people had never heard of ZOOM. It is a technology platform, connecting people on the internet similar to conference calls. You can conduct a meeting such as ours on this app and we can see each other and talk,all from the safety of our own homes. We are planning to have a virtual meeting using ZOOM. John Wallace will conduct the meeting and the title is Alderley Edge 10,000 years of Bling

Date Monday 18th May at 7pm Zoom can be accessed through computers and or smart phones. You download the Zoom app (free) below is your invite(in blue) on this link about 10 minutes before the start and follow , Zoom, 3.Press connect with video, connect with audio and we should all be there. If link doesn't work, The Meeting ID number and Password is also below, 1.Open ZOOM 2.Press join a meeting and put in the meeting ID & pass word, and we will be there. Please bring your own cup tea with you. This is the link to Zoom Meeting (please click below) Meeting ID 880-5584-4297 Password 024650 Please encourage friends and family to join us in our historic first on line meeting. (there will be no cost to guests) If you have any questions re either of the above initiatives please phone me 01625 586761, particularly if you have pictures to upload for face book. Look forward to catching up with you on line over the next few weeks. Keep well , stay safe Best wishes Mandy and the committee.


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