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Alderley Edge 
Community Primary School

On Friday 3 May, we had the honour of being invited to talk to Ms Salt's Year 2 class about the history of Alderley Edge.

Our initial fears about how to keep a group of youngsters engaged, proved wildly unfounded. For around an hour, they entertained us, with observations, questions and well-mannered and intelligent enthusiasm.

We presented a series of photographs and facts about our village, and their level of understanding and knowledge was quite astounding.

I am sure they will remember the message that they should look up when walking around the village, but to also look where they are stepping in case a horse had recently passed by!

Our thanks to Ms Salt and Mrs Sym for allowing us to visit, and to Roger Thawley, for the use of some of his very fascinating photographs.

Mandy Parr and Stewart Dyer

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