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About Us

The Alderley History Group first came into being as a result of the 1995-2005 Alderley Landscape Project, a comprehensive ten-year study of Alderley Edge, its archaeology and history, flora, fauna and people by Manchester Museum and the National Trust.

About Us

The late Harold and Margaret Smith (pictured) inspired the founding of the Alderley History Group. They were locally-born residents with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the village's rich history, people and surrounding landscape.

Through the inspiration and example of Harold and Margaret Smith, Alderley History Group has now been functioning successfully for over fifteen years and has a thriving membership from both the immediate locality and from further afield.

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We hold regular meetings, and days out, and we enjoy talks from members, knowledgeable historians, archaeologists and other individuals passionate about explaining our past so that we can make more sense of our present.


During the Covid epidemic, we successfully continued our activities remotely, maintaining contact with members via Zoom and social media.

Books, Research & Exhibitions:

Alderley History Group has staged numerous local exhibitions, its members have undertaken their own research and written locally-themed books, while the Alderley Landscape Project has published several important volumes.


Connected to the History Group, there is also an impressive locally available archive of printed materials connected to the history of Alderley Edge including:

by Michael Scaife (Member)

"Rock’n’Roll, Wrestling and a Chevrolet Bel Air – an unexpected history of Alderley Edge Festival Hall"

by John Wallace (Member)

"The Archaeology of Alderley Edge"

by Simon Timberlake and Professor John Prag (Alderley Landscape Project)

"The Story of Alderley - Living with the Edge (containing chapters by around 35 authors)"

edited by Professor John Prag (Alderley Landscape Project)

"Alderley Home-Grown - local memoirs, articles and recollections"

published by Alderley History Group

Everyone is encouraged to inspect the archive of historical printed materials available at St Philip’s and St James’s Church Heritage Centre. There is an area for displays and projects, as well as space to examine archive material. Visits to the archive can be arranged through Alderley History Group.

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Join Us


To join us, simply write to:


Alderley Heritage Centre,

St Philip & St James Church,

Church Lane,

Alderley Edge


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